Cover Design for Shampires

I’m quite excited to share the cover art for my upcoming release, Shampires.  I am hoping it will be out in late December or early January at this point.

Once again, Niina Cord has put together a fabulous design for me.  Frankly, I can’t say enough about her awesome work.  She’s incredibly easy to work with, and she was able to put a great cover together at a more-than-reasonable price.

Her work speaks for itself, so if you need a cover, make sure you look her up.  Make sure you tell her I sent you.

In Shampires, Michael and Kari’s relationship deepens, but it’s not entirely without problems.  Not all of Kari’s family is thrilled to have a vampire in their midst.  While Michael tries to build relationships with Kari’s family, he is further troubled by a group of human vampires who want them to join their coven.  Not surprisingly, Michael isn’t impressed by the group of human impostors.  His refusal to participate ultimately takes a dangerous turn when the shampires attempt to force him to cooperate.

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